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iPing Global

Website Monitoring Service

Website Design | Development | 2015 - 2016


iPing Global is a simple website monitoring system. The system keeps an eye on your website. If it becomes unavailable, an email is sent to you so you can take the steps necessary to address the issue as quickly as possible. You can monitor common ports, like HTTP port 80, or you can use any custom ports you need to keep track of. If the port becomes unavailable, the system lets you know, and will log the outage for future statistical analysis.


Custom designed and custom coded, I used common technologies when creating this system. The front-end is built using responsive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the back end is built using PHP, Perl, and MySQL for the database. The system spans multiple domains. One for the website, one for tracking, and one for emailing alerts and outage statistics. When setting up a monitoring scenario, users need only input the domain name or IP address they wish to track, as well as the port or ports they wish to use, and lastly, any email addresses and mobile phone numbers they wish to be notified at in the event their monitored item becomes unavailable.

UX Research

The public-facing website has a simple flow that provides users or potential clients all the information they need to learn about the company and how it works. Once logged in, the user is taken to a separate domain where the monitoring system is installed.

Visual Design

Color Scheme

While investigating other similar competitors on the web, I found that while many websites offered the same or similar service, all of them had one thing in common. Their websites were rather boring, if not downright ugly. So, this service isn't really offering anything that someone hasn't already done, but the website is clean, simple to understand, and colorful.

Graphic Design

I wanted to use graphics to explain how the system works in an almost elementary fashion. It seemed to me that most competitors didn't adequately explain what their service does, or if they did, it was geared toward high-end experts who understand the technical lingo. These graphics attempt to challenge that idea by making it clear that anyone with only very basic website skills and understanding can get an idea of what this website does, and what it can do for you, the customer.

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