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LeaguePop, LLC. ®

Community Sports App

UI Design | UX Research | 2018


This platform is a new way for consumers to search for sports leagues to play in, teams to play on, and for sports leagues to list their league, with any requirements that a player must fit to play in that league. For example, a Little League baseball team could list their league, the number of teams they're looking to fill, the age/gender requirements, and the price to join the league. Then a player (or in this case, their parent) would search the platform for leagues or teams matching their (children's) age, and then pay to join the relevant team. Think of it as a Yelp + OpenTable for Sports Leagues. Along with the ability to search, there is profile creation and team and league page creation, and some other social components.

Visual Design


LeaguePop, LLC. ® wanted the logo to be extremely simple, but catchy. The logo was to incorporate the first letter of each syllable of the company name. When making the logo, I chose to tie the two letters together, thereby creating a single entity. Many of the iterations I tried, appeared to have been used by others, or didn't really fit the sporty nature of the app. After having researched the various ways in which others used this letter combination, I finally settled on this unique iteration.

Color Scheme

As the name implies, I wanted the colors to "pop"! I wanted to use non-traditional colors that were bold and loud. Colors that could be reminiscent of a sports team, or perhaps sporting equipment.

UX Research

The client laid out their vision for this project, and with that a comprehensive mind map using MindMeister was created. This mind map was used to create the primary flow chart. Because this app was to be exclusive to iOS, it was also necessary to research best design practices for apps in that specific environment. Next, because there would be several scenarios for usability, I created several personas. The personas focused on a League Manager, a Team Manager, a Player (team member), and lastly, a common, non-authenticated user. Lastly, I researched other iOS applications that the client wished to emulate. Specifically, Yahoo's Fantasy Sports app, the NFL app, and Yelp. I also took queues from other various iOS apps.

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