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Moonlight Serenade

Full-Figured Dress Line

Website Design | Development | 2018


Moonlight Serenade Apparel is a contemporary plus-size dress and lingerie collection with a variety of clothing in both prints and colors. The belief is that plus-size customers should have a fashionable option without having to sacrifice comfort or style. All of Moonlight Serenade's product line is custom designed to specifically fit the plus-sized form. Due to overwhelming demand, a simple, but modern website was needed that could showcase Moonlight Serenade's product line.


In this case, the client considered WordPress as a possible solution, but expressed the desire to expand the website with custom features over time. Furthermore, the client had encountered trouble when attempting to make updates using previous WordPress implementations and specifically expressed a strong desire to have an extremely simple, product-line-specific, content management system built. So, the decision was made to go 100% custom, and I was happy to oblige. This is a fully-custom website written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL for the database, and is fully-responsive for mobile.

UX Research

The goal was to maintain simplicity. When viewing competitors' websites, such as Lulu's and Nordstrom's, the client continually noted how busy and complicated their websites were. The client wanted the same types of information, but simpler and cleaner. With that, the process was straight forward as well. Visitors come to the site, sign up as wholesalers, where they must provide a wholesaler number. Once authenticated, users traverse the shopping cart and add products to their bag, or to a wish list. The wish list remains populated indefinitely, or until the client returns to delete them.

Visual Design

Color Scheme

The client wanted the style to be modern, but also feminine. So, pinks and purples were an obvious choice.

Marketing Material

Moonlight Serenade asked me to produce some postcards for use at fashion events. One for dresses, and one for their lingerie line.

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