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Raffi Tees

Asian Inspired Wearable Prints

Website Design | 2018


Raffi is a well-known fashion designer of custom garments sold at retail locations nation-wide. Raffi Tees are one-of-a-kind garments with Asian-inspired print designs and are often made to order. Items sold include tee-shirts, tunics, jackets, and various women's clothing.


While the WordPress implementation was indeed responsive for mobile prior to this campaign, the overall design was centered and small, thereby lacking utilization of the HD layout of most modern viewing ports. In other words, the website did not take advantage of today's modern desktop monitors. To account for this, I widened up the overall content, and made hero images horizontally edge-to-edge, which completely changed the dynamics of this existing website.


Raffi wanted their website updated and taken in a new direction. The need existed for updates to be made in such a way as to increase interest in the product line, which would ultimately lead to increased sales. With that, I have created an array of new graphics, slogans, and SEO considerations in an effort to improve Raffi's brand image and Internet importance.

Visual Design

Color Scheme

In addition to the need to widen the layout, the color scheme was also in need of a refresh. Since all of Raffi's prints are flat, and confined to only a handful of colors, I chose to use a simple, flat scheme that would complement the colors already found on product images.


Raffi requested that I use a play on words ending in variations of "ty" [tee]. With that, I researched keywords that would be applicable and applied them to the new hero graphics on the main page slideshow.

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