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Sharp Medical

Find-A-Doctor Concept

UX Design | 2016


Sharp HealthCare is a not-for-profit integrated regional health care delivery system located in San Diego. The UI/UX team reached out to me to help them complete research for a new tool they wished to add to their existing website. This new tool would be a simple to use function to help patients, or potential patients find, and communicate with, a doctor.


The new Find-A-Doctor tool needed to fit in with the existing website, and needed to look like it was part of the Sharp system already in place. The new tool needed to be extremely easy to use and had to work in both desktop and mobile environments. Because Sharp used a typical Column and Gutter grid, the new UI concept needed to utilize this system.


The vision was to create an easy way for users to browse and review doctors via desktop and mobile. The new function would show a profile picture, basic information about the doctor, and a patient rating.

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