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Xbox Advertising Business Group - ABG

Xbox Marketing

Website Design | Development | Marketing | 2011 - 2014


I worked directly with a long list of well-known companies designing and developing Kinect-enabled Branded Destination Experiences (BDE) for Xbox Live. These are websites geared toward the Xbox Live environment and for SD and HD televisions.

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Please take a few moments to browse through some of these excellent examples. All of the examples below were posted to Xbox Live for global consumption between 2011 and 2014 and would have been viewed by millions.

Process & Technology

Clients forwarded assets and expectations for look, feel and functionality. Either using their supplied assets or building from scratch, I designed several rounds of mock-ups until the customer was pleased with the final results. The next step required cutting out the pieces (slices) for use in the actual build. Once the slices were created, I assisted in development of the BDE. Testing was performed on Xbox Dev Kits. Most BDE adhered to strict schedules and Xbox UI standards. Many campaigns required UX Research prior to creation, and included DLC, banners, key art and HTML emails.

UX Research

While most websites were extremely simple, usually utilizing only 4 or 5 pages, all had to adhere to extremely strict UI standards, Xbox standards, and Microsoft Policy standards. With that, it was necessary to consider the way in which these websites would be viewed. As Xbox is geared for consumption via television, all websites had to be designed with that in mind. At the time, statistical analysis concluded that, while in the United States, nearly 70% of households used HD televisions, when the parameters were expanded globally, this same study found that more than 50% of Xbox users were still using old-style, glass, standard definition televisions; thus, all websites had to accommodate this in a single solution, with all relevant content designed specifically for standard definition, and all HD elements basically amounting to eye-candy.

UX Process

  • Met with Technical Advisement Managers (TAM) and clients wishing to advertise on Xbox Live.
  • Interviewed clients to discuss project vision and design goals.
  • When necessary, I created flow charts and/or wireframes using MS Visio and/or Photoshop.
  • Created three (3) rounds of high-fidelity prototypes using Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Performed peer-reviewed user testing using Xbox Dev Kits and in Microsoft's usability labs.
  • When necessary, I implemented final UI elements using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and LUA.
  • Worked with Development to integrate new UI elements into the final build.

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